Exclusive : Roundtable Debate

Join host and managing editor Jeremy Borden, American University assistant professor Angie Chuang, filmmaker Tendani Mpulubusi El and Washington Post/Capital Business reporter Jonathan O’Connell for a roundtable conversation on the racial and socioeconomic issues that divide Washingtonians. Below are several segments of the conversation — listen to the podcast to hear the entire discussion.

In the first discussion, our guests explore the emergence of a “black-white narrative” during the 2010 Vincent C. Gray and Adrian M. Fenty mayoral primary election. The panelists also discuss the polarizing nature of Michelle Rhee,former chancellor of the D.C. public school system.

In the second panel, our guests reflect on what the term “gentrification” means in the District — one thing they all agree on, it means change.

What does the future look like? In the third segment, the panel considers what the election of Vincent C. Gray means for the future of Washington.

Want to listen to the whole show? Listen to our podcast below.

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