Different worlds reflected in the barber’s mirror

Miles apart from each other, two barbershops, one in Ward 8 and another in Ward 3, represent vastly different places — and different expectations of the future.

By Dan Merica

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 Photos by Dan Merica

Click below to hear about the differences found and Troyit’s and Camillo’s Barber Shop. (3:00)

The slow hum of clippers drones on as Maurice Tucker gets his hair cut at Troyit’s Barber Shop in Ward 8. The barber, Prince Rasheed, carefully works around a long scar in Tucker’s head, a scar from when a bullet grazed him in a shootout 15 years ago.

This summer, Tucker finished his 14-year murder sentence.

While Tucker’s perspective is unique — he spent 14 years away from the ward he calls home — his frustrations are not. In that time, he said, little has changed, a frustration 80 percent of Ward 8 voters channeled by voting for a change in the form of Mayor-elect Vincent Gray. In returning to his home district, Tucker says he sees the same unemployment, the same failing schools and the same social problems. The remedy in Tucker’s eyes is a politician that lives up to his hype. He believes Gray could be that politician.
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Contradictions build over Columbia Heights development

As tensions rise among residents, Columbia Heights continues to physically change.

By Jeremy Borden

Columbia Heights, in Northwest Washington, D.C., is a community dealing with the tension of new versus old. New buildings juxtaposed with old portray a story of a community struggling with an evolving identity.

Exclusive: a roundtable debate

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